Monday, November 26, 2012

The Journey Home

On our way home, we stopped in Nephi at JC Mickelson's for a little lunch. Christian and Vivian are always excited to color a picture to add to their wall display.


And of course, the best thing about Mickelson’s is the awesome train that circles around the whole store.  My kids can’t get enough of watching the trains.IMG_1963IMG_1965IMG_1969

Later, we stopped at Cove Fort to use their bathrooms because even though it is a mile off of the freeway, they boast the best bathrooms in a twenty mile radius…and I am a sucker for a good bathroom.  We also needed to stretch our legs a bit so we let the kids run (and climb) around a bit to get rid of the wiggles.


And I was having fun playing with my camera…IMG_1978IMG_1981IMG_1987

After watching me having fun with my camera, Christian wanted to have a chance at it and made Jared and I pose.IMG_1991

Good thing I “feel” cute when I’m pregnant because later on I always realize how huge I really did look.


After all that fun, it was time to get back in the car….which not everyone was happy about.IMG_2009

But personally, I was happy to be headed home.IMG_2034

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  1. Fun! I took the girls to that restaurant once, though I'm sure they don't remember. Kitty was a baby and Lilly was only three. We should go there again, and also, I need to make a point of taking them to cove fort someday.