Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Preschool Farm Trip

My cute friend Jenny runs a preschool and every year they have a field trip to a farm and she was sweet enough to invite little Vivian even though she is a little younger than all the other preschoolers.


She was super excited for the hay ride though her tininess was scaring me a bit.IMG_2064

A mama cow had just given birth to this little baby four hours before.IMG_2067

Waiting patiently to feed the animals.IMG_2073IMG_2077

Haha, I love her expression in this one.IMG_2078IMG_2079

She looks pretty pleased to hold that chicken…it looks like it weighs the same amount that she does.IMG_2086IMG_2088

Her head is a little small for this doggie peek-through…and I am so amazed that she even dares be up on the big tracker. She may be little but she’s fierce.IMG_2093

All the kids were really excited to go into the chicken cage.IMG_2102


I found it so sweet that she insisted on petting every single animal.


Monday, November 26, 2012

The Journey Home

On our way home, we stopped in Nephi at JC Mickelson's for a little lunch. Christian and Vivian are always excited to color a picture to add to their wall display.


And of course, the best thing about Mickelson’s is the awesome train that circles around the whole store.  My kids can’t get enough of watching the trains.IMG_1963IMG_1965IMG_1969

Later, we stopped at Cove Fort to use their bathrooms because even though it is a mile off of the freeway, they boast the best bathrooms in a twenty mile radius…and I am a sucker for a good bathroom.  We also needed to stretch our legs a bit so we let the kids run (and climb) around a bit to get rid of the wiggles.


And I was having fun playing with my camera…IMG_1978IMG_1981IMG_1987

After watching me having fun with my camera, Christian wanted to have a chance at it and made Jared and I pose.IMG_1991

Good thing I “feel” cute when I’m pregnant because later on I always realize how huge I really did look.


After all that fun, it was time to get back in the car….which not everyone was happy about.IMG_2009

But personally, I was happy to be headed home.IMG_2034

Ready to Depart

Because it is seldom that we get to see my family, especially my brother Richard, we decided that we should take some photos before we left for back home.

I don’t know how to feel about this photo, but it was suggested by my brother Michael that I turn sideways to prove that I was in fact pregnant….I also am terribly pale compared to everyone else.  Also, it looks like Christian is trying to give Vivian smile insurance.IMG_0296

This one is cute of the kids with their grandpa and grandma.IMG_0299

Haha.  This one with uncle Mike always makes me laugh.IMG_0308

And here’s them with uncle Richard.IMG_0312

We had to stop by and visit with my fabulous friend Charisse and her cute kids.IMG_1946IMG_1947

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

This year, not only we came for Thanksgiving, my brother Richard flew up from Atlanta to have Thanksgiving in Salt Lake too.  My aunt Annette’s mother-in-law passed away that week so she and her family joined my dad’s family for the meal.  Here’s a photo of my dad with his youngest sibling.  There is a family resemblance.IMG_0232

My brother Eric also came with his family. Here is a photo I go of his two darling bashful children as they played with my mom’s Thanksgiving Little People set.IMG_0230

Here is my niece Sandy waiting patiently for her dinner…the table was set a long time before dinner was served which made it a little harder to wait for some of us. ;) IMG_0233

My brother Bill was helpful with his turkey carving expertise…


Here’s a cute photo of my youngest siblings, my cute younger (and single) brother Michael, and my sister Julie.IMG_0238

Vivian was very excited to drink her yummy cider (I think Jared was trying to keep her calm).IMG_0240

Christian was very excited to sit by his cousin Mikey from California who he sees very rarely.IMG_0241

After dinner, the kids (especially Vivian) were happy to color in grandma’s coloring books.IMG_0268We also celebrated my brother Bill’s and my brother Eric’s birthday’s which were that month.  I think it’s cute that they each have a daddy’s girl who wants to be right by them.IMG_0272IMG_0278

After dinner, we stopped by Jared’s parents’ home to visit for a bit.  Jared’s sister Annalisa and her Husband Chris and their two kids were there.  Sadly, I took a bunch of photos that were in the wrong mode (because my brother and Jared were playing with my camera before we came over) so this is the only one that turned out.IMG_0283

We had a really fun time playing with them especially this funny German game where you have to go across the room impersonating something.  We stayed for such a long time that when we got back we had two very tired children. But it was a beautiful day to spend with family.  We are so very thankful for the fabulous family and friends that we are so blessed to have. It also was a great blessing that we could come to be with family for Thanksgiving this year.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Downtown Salt Lake

While we were visiting, we decided it would be really nice to take the kids downtown and check out City Creek Mall (that all the Utahans had been raving about) as well as the Temple.

My favorite store was the huge Deseret Book that is now their flagship store.  So nice.  I could be lost for days in there…it was hours as it was and it was because the kids would not leave the children’s section and their little chairs and books.  We finally bribed our kids into leaving by the promise of a treat…a chocolate truffle.  When we got outside I thought I should try to take a photo or two of the kids to remember our trip.  Vivian was happy to pose for a photo or two…yes, that is chocolate on her lips. We were really blessed because Aunt Megan had loaned us a warm coat for Vivian so she didn’t freeze.  Christian was so excited about the fountain I could only get him in one photo holding still. IMG_0183IMG_0185IMG_0187

To be perfectly honest, I wasn’t too incredibly impressed with city creek…I guess it’s because I’m spoiled and there are many similar malls in Phoenix.  We did stop by and visit Santa and Mrs. Claus while we were there though we didn’t buy their photo….we thought we’d try that at home.  This is a photo of the kids waiting to go see the famous couple.IMG_0190

It was really nice to walk past the Salt Lake Temple.  It always brings back so many memories for me.  My dad working in the church office building when I was a child, Christmas visits, concerts at the assembly hall, conference, weddings, when I worked downtown and passed it everyday, my own marriage, cleaning in it…the list goes on and on.  It may seem silly, but in a way being near the Salt Lake Temple makes me really feel secure in a way.  So much changes all the time—including my perception of places that were once familiar that it makes me feel kind of uneasy to visit family in Salt Lake.  I am happy that the temple is a constant.


Here’s a photo of my cue husband with the kids.IMG_0220IMG_0222

Jared took the camera and took a photo of me stuffed into my coat…be kind and remember that I am seven months along in this photo (I was lucky I could close my coat because I was COLD).

We were hoping to come back one of the days for the lights, but we weren’t sure that they would be on and then we had too many people to visit. So this was the extent of our down-town adventures.