Friday, February 19, 2010

Blue-eyed Goldilocks?

I am really in love with curls.  Perhaps it’s because I have almost un-curl-able hair.  Maybe it’s because of Christian’s curls that we cut and looked so angelic to me.

May 2008 089

Christian in May 2008

I’m now getting really hopeful that this little one may be going to have the same darling curls.  Her eyes are already a more vibrant blue than Christian’s are so maybe she’ll be a blue-eye goldilocks…I guess we’ll just have to wait and see!1-19-10 077 

Vivian last night after a bath (I was holding her and the camera…thus the odd angle)!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentines Day 2010

I Love Valentines Day!  Jared brought me roses Saturday night and set a gift bag on the table that I was not to open until Valentines Day.  It was the new Josh Turner CD “Haywire”.  I must say it’s very fun.


I decided to start a new tradition of making a Valentines dinner for our family.  I had some incredibly (corny) funny ideas of what to serve.  First we had a salad with hearts of Romaine, then I had two Cornish game hens with rice stuffing with sautéed mushrooms and car(e)rots  with dill and to give a nod to cupid asparagus spears.  I know terrible huh?  It was great fun. 

IMG_2395    IMG_2403IMG_2401

Afterwards, we made sugar cookies with Christian and watched Sense and Sensibility (for my personal happiness).  It was really fun.

Here’s a video for my personal enjoyment of Vivian that I took yesterday after I put the hens in the oven.

I have to just say, I LOVE my family, I Love my two darling children and I Love my wonderful husband.  I am so blessed!  I used to think Valentines day was all about romance and you couldn’t enjoy it without someone taking you out to a romantic dinner etc. but I have to say this has been quite a nice Valentines day and all I really did was stay home and enjoy my family!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Christian’s 4th Birthday

Yesterday we celebrated Christian’s 4th Birthday!  I can’t believe it’s really been that long ago that I became a mother!  It seems absolutely crazy that I’ve been responsible for this child for that long!  IMG_2383 We had our adopted AZ family over for Christian’s Birthday party which included brunch. IMG_2349

Here’re Christian, Damien, and Jordan sitting at the kid’s table.

Thanks to Scripture Scouts, Christian wanted to have a Scripture Hero party  so we had the kids make boats (like Nephi) for the activity and then gave them journals to start filling out at home.


Here are the kid’s working on their boats (with a little help).

Of course to make the scripture hero party complete we had to have a Captain Moroni Cake since he’s Christian’s favorite hero.


If it’s difficult to tell what the yellow blob is with candles and a toy on it, supposed to be captain Moroni coming out of the Golden Plates.  I really need to take a cake decorating class as that is just one skill I have not mastered yet.  


At least Christian was happy with it! Because of the light in this picture it looks kind of more like gold…


He did so well blowing out his candles I didn’t even get any smoke in my pictures!

For those of you who would have liked to be there, here is the video for your enjoyment! (It’s a little on the long side).

I must say that I am so grateful that Heavenly Father has given me this darling little boy!  He is so delightful I’m just plain in love with him and his amazing imagination and excited personality.  It’s so much fun to watch him be excited to help, learn and grow.  I really have learned many lessons from being his mom and I can’t wait to enjoy many more days with this sweet boy!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Seventh Anniversary

Yesterday, February 7th, marked our 7th Anniversary.  We didn’t really get a chance to celebrate the day in a usual way because we were driving back from my aunt Susan’s funeral in Utah.  It was an enjoyable day as we were basically stuck with each other all day and got to reflect on the last seven years together.  The past seven years have flown by so quickly, it is amazing! I am so blessed to have found Jared—he is the most incredible man and I love him more every day.  Our years together have had there good and bad times but overall it has been blissful to have him as my companion and partner.

 our life 099

I am so grateful to know that we can be together forever because Jared is truly my best friend and I couldn’t be  happier than to have him as my companion for eternity.

our life 076