Sunday, May 15, 2011

Saturday Sundaes

Yesterday, our family got up pretty early in the morning so that we could not only get our bountiful basket order, but to attend the ward 5k fun run/walk.   Now whoever thought of this (and I’m pretty certain that it’s a couple of marathon runners who didn’t happen to have kids with them at the ward activity…just saying) wasn’t actually putting all of the factors together of what the attendance would be for such an activity and why.  I am sure it was in the upper 80’s or lower 90’s by the time we started walking.  After that, we all went as a family on errands, ironically, I went to the hardware store with Vivian and the boys went to the Salon to get haircuts.  On our way back home, the kids were baked and we all felt wiped out from the heat, and Christian was crying that we needed “A sweet, cold treat for such a hot sunny day”…in other words, he wanted to go get ice cream which isn’t the most fun activity to me since I can’t have milk and most shops do not have dairy-free options.  Vivian had fallen asleep in the car so I had Jared stop the car at Fry’s so I could get a couple of things and a little surprise.

So later after dinner, I sent the kids to have baths and set out this:


Our very own little ice-cream parlor!

Christian was very excited when he came downstairs and made an “order” right away.  I had been delighted when I found that Fry’s now carries a reasonably priced dairy substitute ice cream that actually comes in a quart.  It was the same price as all the pints!  I had also seen these cute sundae cups a while ago and really wanted to get them so what better excuse than a surprise?!

IMG_8308 IMG_8312  IMG_8319    I love the look of delight on Christian’s face because he could have as many toppings as he wanted!IMG_8324     Vivian refused to have any help….IMG_8330   They were all very happy with our family activity even though they had to forgo their weekend movie.  Christian apparently was really thrilled about this idea because all his prayers since have prayed that we can do the same thing again soon…and the answer of course is “yes!”

Jared’s Birthday!

I have been pretty crazy this month, getting ready for Christian to start school and doing some pickling (I talk more about that on my other blog).  On top of that we get to have our annual celebrations and one of my favorite one’s of all that that is to celebrate Jared and his birthday.  I am so grateful that first of all, he was born and secondly that he is mine.  Yes I realize that that sounds pretty possessive but it’s true.  I’m glad that he’s mine.  He is such a hard working, intelligent, great guy I’m so happy that I was smart enough to say “yes” when he asked me to marry him.  He is a premium choice I made.

When I had asked Jared what he wanted a few weeks before his birthday he of course asked for German chocolate cake (I think he really does this because he was born in Germany, I personally don’t like this type of cake much but I make it once a year for him on his birthday).  The catch was that he wanted to bring it with him to work.  This meant that I really had to make it for him the day before his birthday.

I had his cake all ready to go with him the morning of his birthday and because both kids were up, I decided that we might as well sing to him while his cake was still intact.IMG_8175

My favorite shot with Jared, Vivian and Christian (the wall behind them is all patched up and ready to be taped and painted so it won’t always look this bad)

IMG_8173    Here’s everyone hamming it up excessively…

When Jared got home from work we had him open presents while his birthday dinner finished cooking.  So in a nutshell, we did things a little out of order for his day.IMG_8191

The kids were so excited for him to open his presents (this is the usual start of my house…a little rumpled).

IMG_8228 Christian was so excited to look at the covers of all of Jared’s new books.  My parent’s finished his “Fable Haven” collection for him and we gave him quite a few books too…if you can tell by the pictures.    

IMG_8236   I love how serious Vivian is in this photo and how Christian’s trying to get her to smile…

We are so glad that Jared is a year older :).  And hope to celebrate many, many, many more birthdays for him in the coming years!