Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween 2012

This Halloween was kind of odd feeling.  I’m guessing it is because it was on a Wednesday and it felt like it should be a Saturday because we stayed up so late.

The whole month of October, I was trying to get ahead by working on as many of the projects I needed to have done in the next two/three months…i.e Halloween costumes, music recital things, Christmas presents to bring to SLC at Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Vivian’s birthday…besides all the other things I needed to accomplish on a daily basis.  Pretty much I let myself get burned out with things that yes needed to get done but I didn’t have much energy left to spare. IMG_2446Ben, Jared and Erik took the kids out trick-or-treating that night while Bernadette, Sylvia and I sat around the fire-pit at Bernadette’s house with her in-laws and passed out candy to the kids.  It was really quite relaxing and the temperatures were so nice outside it was a very fun Halloween—probably one of the most relaxing Halloween’s I’ve spent as an adult.  Then the guys brought the kids back and we roasted marshmallows.


Christian was Peter Pan this year and Vivian was a (hot pink) Tinkerbell.  Christian had gotten a little obsessed with the Live-action Peter Pan that we have on DVD and since that’s one of my most favorite children’s movies, I was all over the idea of him and Vivian being Peter Pan and Tinkerbell for Halloween.  The kids were kind of disappointed that I didn’t have the energy to make Jared a Captain Hook costume and myself a Wendy nightgown but I had too much on my plate with teaching and everything.IMG_2439

Here’s Vivian and I being cheesy and yes, I did have a little trouble resisting the chocolate on Halloween.  But as my midwife says “As long as you only celebrate THE DAY, rather than the week or the month of a holiday, you should be okay.”IMG_2447IMG_2448 I really was pathetic and never took photos of my kids alone together in their Halloween costumes (it might have something to do with the fact that the minute they were IN their costumes they were running out the door to trick-or-treat…plus it got darker so much sooner this year…).  Thank goodness for Sylvia who takes great photos and was willing to share them with me.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

I make cute kids

These last few months, Vivian has become very opinionated about what she’s wearing.  Thankfully, she has pretty good taste.  On October 20th, she picked this outfit for herself and I was loving the cuteness so I made her pose for a photo…Christian didn’t want to be left out so here he is too.  Sadly, my camera was starting to act worse and worse so it’s not the best quality.


That previous weekend, Christian was invited to a Birthday party that was going to be him—and four girls.  I decided to tag along though I guess he was a little annoyed about that but being the hover mother that I am, I wasn’t asking his permission.


The first part of the party was at his friend Maya’s house and then the rest was at Schnepf Farms where they have a pumpkin patch and other seasonal activities. 100_2434

Christian got along well with the girls though a few times throughout the evening it seemed like the girls were subtly fighting over Christian which was cracking me up at the same time as freaking me out.100_2435

There’s not a photo of it, but during this lovely carousal ride, Christian and this little girl (who he sits by at school) were holding hands.  Hmmm…I get that he’s cute but he’s only six! 100_2437

This photo is super funny to me because all the girls got unicorns except for the one who he likes and he talked her into getting something spooky. Interesting.100_2439IMG_5668Oh well, how can I blame those girls for thinking Christian’s so cute?  I totally and full-heartedly agree.  He’s a heart-breaker.







That week before Halloween, we went with our friends, Bernadette and Ben and Sylvia and Erik to experience Organ Stop Pizza in Mesa.  It was really fun, though it seems like a magnet for the 60 and above set.


Here’s what it looked like when he played “The Star Spangled Banner”…the flag unfolds out of the ceiling and all these running lights pop on!


Here are my two fabulous neighbors and friends, Bernadette and Sylvia!  They truly have made my life sooo much better it’s amazing how friends can effect your every day life. 

This photo is of our family…Jared was caught mid-sentence and I look pale but our kids look darling.IMG_5696

IMG_5702Here’s another ensemble brought to you by Vivian.  This is the necklace that we bought her in Hawaii that we were hoping would last her a while—of course it actually got broken that day.  Go figure.





The 29th, I had my Glucose test done by my midwife.  She had given me two different options get my blood taken and then 1.) to take the yucky orange drink (which is the equivalent of two XL Dr. Peppers and not at all good for you) or 2). Eat a regular meal. And then come back and at the 2 hour mark get my blood tested again.

I went with the least painful option and took a picnic breakfast with me to my early appointment and then went to the park with Vivian.  Sylvia loaned me her point-and-shoot camera so that I could take photos that weren’t terrible so I was trying it out on Vivian.



Oh, and if you’re curious, I passed my glucose test with flying colors…I’m so glad because I’m excited to have another one of these very cute kids.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Fall 2012 Visit to the Phoenix Children’s Museum

On the last day of break, I was lucky enough to snag a culture pass to the Children’s Museum in downtown Phoenix for the kids.  I love this place, it’s all about play.  My friend Christina has a pass there too so I talked her into going with us. ;)IMG_5551

The kids were really cute about the little “road way” area.  I loved it when Christian was carting the girls around with him.


However, I wasn’t too sure about when Christian got James to give him a lift.

IMG_5556Here’s little Maren.  She turned so blonde this last while I hardly recognized her. IMG_5562

They added a new room since last I was there (which was almost three years ago). The fort room.  It’s full of sheets, blankets, cushions and framed structures to build forts in.  I really think they ought to add some board books and/or kid safe lanterns to make it more of a “sanctuary” feeling.  The kids had fun in here for a minute but I think it would be much cooler if it could be a place the kids could relax in.IMG_5564

On to the Art room.


They always have some kind of structure for the kids to paint in the art room along with various other projects.  It just gets layer after layer of paint on it until it looks like a blob of meltingness.  Last time was a castle.  This time it was a space ship.  Vivian was very into this painting until she realized that it would take forever to finish.  James was interested for a bit along with Maren.  Christian was more interested in the Halloween-themed crafts to make.



Here are the boys making spiders together.  Aren’t they handsome?


Vivian was very psyched by the glittery play-dough they had there….I wasn’t so much…seeing that it was black they had nasty fingernails for a while.


Here’s beautiful Christina waiting for the art room to close.

Next was the grocery store.  Vivian was happy to fill her cart with produce.IMG_5595

…And weigh beans.IMG_5597

Here’s Christian shopping (which is something he actually hates to do in real life).IMG_5599

The next room over is my most favorite—the Pizza Kitchen!  Don’t you love the oven and the awesome pizza paddles? IMG_5600IMG_5606

James and Vivian played pretty well together….IMG_5608

I LOVED it when Vivian found this apron on the hook and insisted on wearing it.  It matched her outfit perfectly.


Christian was precious in the hall serving ice cream from the kiosk that they had there.IMG_5616IMG_5619IMG_5627

It took much persuasion to get the girls away from painting the rocks with water.  Vivian is a stubborn little thing and wanted her rock to be completely the same color—the only problem being it was drying too fast!IMG_5630IMG_5634IMG_5635

Isn’t that the face of an angel?


Christina really must have a hankering for ice cream this pregnancy!


I loved it that she kept accepting more and more! Smile


Lastly, the kids played in the little pretend car area.  They were not happy that it was closing time so soon (I was not happy that the light was TERRIBLE).IMG_5654

We had such an awesome time at the Children’s Museum, I’m almost tempted to get a membership except that it’s so far away and that the kids NEVER want to leave.

After it closed, we went to Christina’s house for a little visit and then home.  I was really hoping the kids would conk out in the car and give me a peaceful drive home but no such luck.  The cutest thing was that as we were driving home Vivian was watching the sky turn pink and purple and she was so incredibly excited about it.   When we got home there was an American Girl catalog there waiting in the mail for me.  Vivian saw it and was engrossed.  I absolutely love this photo of her gazing at it.IMG_5662

That when I put her to bed that night I asked her what the best thing about the day was and her response was “That the sky was hot pink and purple. My favorite colors”.   After such a full day, it’s interesting to me that her most favorite thing was something that no one but God could create for her.