Friday, June 19, 2009

Oquirrh Mountain Temple Open House

Yesterday we went to the Oquirrh Mountain Temple Open House.  We went with my grandma and my sister and her two kids.   It was gorgeous inside! 


I think it’s amazing how lovely and unique each temple is on the inside.  For those of you who didn’t hear, the angel Moroni on top got struck by lightening last week during all of the crazy thunder storms we’ve been getting.  I’m sure they will fix the angel soon so I took pictures for posterity.  I wonder if he wouldn’t have gotten struck if it had been dedicated?  Just a thought.


Here’s a picture of our group, grandma, Shaun, April, Autumn, Me, Jared and Christian.IMG_0012

Monday, June 15, 2009

Baby Love

Ever since he was about 18 months old, Christian loooves babies.  It was sometime before we moved to the student apartments when he would come to me everyday and say “Mom, I want a baby sister.”  Really slowly and seriously.  I would ask him if he wanted a baby brother and he would say “No, baby sisters are best!”  I was really shocked that he didn’t want a baby brother but ever since we moved to our new ward with lots of babies—it really is the girl babies that he has more interest in.  I have no idea why.

So in March I pulled out his “water baby” that I bought him at 18 months that he hadn’t played with forever and suggested that it be his baby brother or sister.  He gave me this look like “duh” and said “Well it has to be a girl” and then he explained the anatomy to me.

He loves his baby and is incredibly attached to it at home especially.  He has gotten both his grandma who sews to make an outfit and the grandma who crochets to make little booties.  We have to dress the baby in clothes every morning and in pajamas every night.  The baby also takes baths with Christian and participates in our family dinners together besides most family activities….we even have to wait for Christian to buckle the baby in the car (he is really mad we don’t have a car seat for it yet).IMG_0007

Christian woke up with a fever last night and he’s been laying on the couch with the baby all morning and he keeps telling me that even though he’s sick he still needs to be a good big brother and take care of his baby. 

I’m really glad Christian likes babies but we’ll see what he thinks of them when we get a real one at our house for keeps.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Letter Crazy!

For Christian’s birthday his aunt Megan who’s a Usborne book consultant gave him this abc sticker book:abc book He absolutely LOVES this book.  Each page has a section for a letter and there are separate sticker sheets with things that start with the various letters.  We used to do a letter or two a day and just put one sticker per letter so that we could talk about the sounds each letter makes numerous times (and make it last longer).  Then at the last page is a page to make the alphabet with letter stickers.  On this page I only let Christian put the letter down if he can remember without prompting what it should be.


Thus, Christian is learning his letters pretty well.  Yesterday, while I was working on a project, I suggested that he color or draw.  He didn’t want to but he did want to write letters.

Christian's art097Christian's art093Christian's art095Christian's art096


When he drew his L backwards he turned it into a design instead.

Christian's art094

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Doctor Visit

This morning we dropped off Christian to play with his cousin Lilly which he has been looking forward to all week.  I’m so glad that he loves his cousin.  There’s something so special about cousins that it’s hard not to love them (sometimes more than siblings).

My doctor’s office has been moved to across the street (literally) from my sister’s house so it is incredibly convenient to drop Christian off at when I go to see my doctor (thanks Julie for being willing!).

Hear are my doctor’s findings as to why I’ve been so crabby and sick lately!  Thanks Jake for helping me to get this up!

The due date is set for January 7, 2010.  Can you believe it’s almost half-way to 2010?

Ward Dance Party!

Marriage Certificate086This past Saturday our ward hosted a dance.  It had great decorations and delicious cookies and a real D.J..  Sadly it was not very well attended.  I guess this is proof that summer is in full swing…at least as far as college students are concerned!  They even had a little photo booth set up.  If you can tell anything from the pictures…Christian decided since he was the only kid in the nursery that was provided to join us for part of the date!