Saturday, April 28, 2012

End of April 2012 with the kids

After literally months of deciding what to do about curtains for Vivian’s room, I finally found blackouts that are white at Lowes…the only problem was they were kind of bland so I was very excited when I found some pretty polka-dot sheers  from Wal-mart (Target has some that are practically the same but for twice the price) that I put in front of her curtains to make the room have a softer glow when her blinds are up.  Here are some random photos of her playing in her room after I put up the sheers so they’re in the background so you can see the pretty effect they create.  She’s wearing her most favorite dress that grandma Jaydene gave her and it is pretty much always worn on wash day because as soon as I pull it out of the clean basket and she see’s it, she insists on wearing it right then and there.



On Thursday the 27, I tried a new class at the gym from 7:30 to 8:30.  When I came home, this is what I found.  Christian had been reading a book to Jared and I guess they both were exhausted and conked out.  So sweet.

The next morning, on Friday, I took Vivian to the splash pad for the first time this year.  She was a little nervous at first but she got into it after a bit. She really was much more into what all the girls were wearing as well as the playground behind the splash pad but knowing that this is Vivian, I wasn’t too surprised.


Watching some older kids with her friend Ava.


Debating on what to do…


After her escape to the playground she went to the top of the play set and refused to come down.  Lovely.IMG_2601

Deciding to come down so that she could “Wee!” (or swing).IMG_2602

Of course, it was when I decided that I was interested in leaving that she decided it was time to really get wet.  Ha ha, love her stance!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Fairy Tale Night

April 19, 2012 was Fairy Tale Night.

A week before, I had realized that Christian’s Knight costume that he wanted to use to be “High King Peter” (from Narnia) with, was pretty much outgrown.  So I bought more material and made him a new tunic and cap…not what I was planning on doing but since I’d made it before, it was pretty straight-forward.  The night before, as I was putting on the final touches of his costume, I assigned Jared to create a crown which we both decorated after he covered it.  Sadly, the closest Burger King is about 20 miles away so stopping by for a crown to cover just wasn’t an option.  I am so proud of how Jared did on the crown.  He is quite artistic if I do say so myself.


Christian was very excited to get dressed in his costume first thing in the morning instead of his regular school clothes so he could perform for the 1st graders that morning.  I made him come outside to take his photos in his handsome outfit…. I wish I had added a little more length in the tunic because he really could have used it…and this is three sizes bigger than the one he wore on Halloween!  I love the photo of him ready with his backpack for school.

I was happy to be one of the moms who got to set up the gym with the fun decorations that the teachers have kept for years for this evening.  My friend Julie was really sweet and watched Vivian so I could help out.  Thanks Julie!

That night, after I taught lessons, we all walked over to the school to watch their performance.


Vivian trying to be patient!


The principle welcoming everyone.


Christian’s teacher narrating the performance…


The kids singing their parts!


Christian with his perfect kindergarten teacher.  I still can’t believe she’s old enough to have taught kindergarten for over 20 years.

I really think Christian felt like fairy tale night was created just for him.  He was very excited to pose in front of every display and of course, he wanted his sister to join him too.

In front of Cinderella’s ball…


Humpty Dumpty’s Wall…IMG_2539

The 3 little pigs…well sort of…IMG_2540

Hickory Dickory Dock…

The throne room…IMG_2541IMG_2547

At the end, I took a photo of four of the five wonderful kindergarten teachers that teach at Christian’s school.  I am so happy that he can learn from such fun and loving women.IMG_2552

Silk Fruit and Protein Party

On April 22, I hosted a House Party event.  It was to promote their fruit and protein products so we got coupons to get and try their products for free plus some other fun extras and coupons as well for each of our guests.  It was really a fun afternoon.  Here’s our welcome sign.


The spread…IMG_2564

Venetia and Jim helping in the kitchen by washing the fruit they were so kind to bring.IMG_2559

Jared made pancakes only using “Silk” milk (they were supposed to be berry pancakes but he forgot to add the berries…whoops…they were still delicious and everyone gobbled them all up).IMG_2560IMG_2561

The spread again!IMG_2562

Some of our guests…

The kids really enjoyed the pancakes…and kind of turned up their noses when it came to the breakfast casserole!


Counter-clock-wise from left, Jessy, Jared, Jim and Venetia!IMG_2569

We also made a video for the silk video contest so that Vivian can get free “Silk Milk” if you could be so kind, we’d love you to vote!

It was really fun.  Thanks everyone for coming and spending a fun afternoon with us!

Family Saturday in April

The second week of April, I had picked up a culture pass to the zoo earlier that week and so Saturday Afternoon, after Christian’s soccer, my teaching, and the mom picking up the cake, we all piled into the car for a afternoon at the zoo.  Here is Christian with his friend near the entrance.IMG_2354

We passed this fellow on the path…isn’t the color peacock blue just stunning?IMG_2358

Vivian was pretty excited to see a “meow-meow” as she calls cats.  Christian and I have been trying to educate her on the difference between canines and felines as of late. SmileIMG_2365

These (I think they’re Spring Bok’s) make me laugh…they are so tall and funny looking to me reaching themselves as high as possible to eat from the branches….I can’t even put my finger on what they remind me of on their tippy-toes like this.IMG_2377

Here is our white rhino and one of the best photos I’ve taken of one I believe.  Vivian was getting nervous.  I really don’t know where she got the concept of “scary” from but I believe it is from listening/playing with her big brother and all of his wild games that go with his wild imagination.  Christian didn’t understand the word scary until he was quite a bit older I believe.IMG_2383

I also feel like I got a good photo of this mandrill. Apparently their colors get more brilliant as they become more excited so maybe this guy was having an emotional day….IMG_2389IMG_2418

Here’s my sweet little girl so excited to be able to see all the animals!


Christian was very thrilled to see what a Tiger skull looks like (he’s wearing Jared’s jacket because it was starting to get chilly…well sort of but my kids don’t know what to do with themselves at 65 degrees. Smile )


Love this photo I got of the tiger sleeping on a rock.

IMG_2444Here is a lone little giraffe sitting all alone….it reminds me of a certain six-year-old when he feels like everyone is picking on him. IMG_2448

I think this one is sweet of Jared in the observation deck watching giraffes.  Christian was up there too but it was really hard to see him in it.  IMG_2459

This funny bird just reminds of the stork in the Disney cartoon of Robin Hood.IMG_2469

This picture reminds me so closely of the cake I had just finished for that little girl it was pretty ironic (especially with the periwinkle flowers in the corner).

After the zoo, we went and saw “The Lorax” and it proves how dead tired I was from the crazy week I had because I missed the last ten minutes because I fell asleep (there’s a first time for everything, I never have fallen asleep in a theater before).  Later that evening, we went to “Play in a Day” that the stake youth put on (kind of a road show).  My kids especially loved it and I had loaned some costumes to them so it was fun to see my costumes being used again.