Monday, August 27, 2012

4 Months Along + Sugar and Spice

On August 18th, I got to have a very fun experience…we had our 18-week ultra-sound.  The coolest thing about it is that my OB recommended we have this guy who comes to your home and makes a DVD along with the full-diagnostic report do it for us.  My Dr. said that this was the most cost-effective way to have it done and the people love it.  I was a little apprehensive about the whole idea of someone coming into my home and doing it, but they guy who does it comes and does a fabulous job.  He has all the equipment and tells you everything you’re looking at, and on top of that, everything is recorded on the DVD.  Because we did it this way, the kids were all able to watch, Jared was there without having to get off from work, and my two good friends, Bernadette and Jenny were able to come too.  Jared was designated the camera man and that was a problem because as soon as all that neat equipment came out, Jared completely lost focus on what he was supposed to do.  So this is the only photo we have, Vivian trying to  retain the spot on the sofa for herself when I needed to lay down to have my ultrasound down.  Once the kids saw the baby up on the screen though, they were so excited they were really quite good.IMG_4126

The guy who did our ultrasound said that he has never been wrong on predicting the gender of a baby so if he’s wrong, he will reimburse us 100% what we paid and give us a months supply of diapers.  So far, he’s never had to do that and he’s been in the business since 1978.  So I’m happy to announce that we’re having another girl.  Christian was not very happy about this, and watched the video a couple of times afterwards to make sure it really was a girl.  I figure, for our family, a girl will be good.  She will be a good friend for Vivian as well as a roommate and since Vivian’s room is the largest, it will be easier to add one more bed in there.  Christian will be almost seven by the time the baby comes and that’s a pretty big age gap to be sharing a room…especially when the big brother loves choking hazards like Legos.

Later that week, I realized that I had never taken a photo of Vivian in the pink dress my mom brought over that used to be mine.  I need to find of photo of me in this but I know she has TONS more hair than I did at the same age. IMG_4128

I love how her smile just sparkles.IMG_4129

This photo shows her entourage that follows her pretty much wherever she goes.  It consists of her two princess babies, her unicorn and a sippy cup.  That day, she had added the pink bear too. IMG_4146IMG_4161

On Sunday August 26, Jared realized that he hadn’t taken a photo of what I looked like at 19 Weeks with my belly so I obliged.  It’s not a very flattering photo.  Sadly, I don’t think I’ll ever be one of those women who look really cute pregnant.  I’m just not shaped right for it or something and I just look chunky.  Oh well, I have to say, despite my lack of cuteness while pregnant, I sure make cute kids!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

They’re Climbing the Walls!

Both Christian and Vivian are very tough children who are very good at climbing.  I never realized that putting Vivian into swimming lessons would help her ultimately be able to climb up anything she wants to.  Because they taught the kids to pull themselves up out of the pool and then jump back in, Vivian now can pull herself up on to the counter or anything else she wants to.  Here she is, my two-year old, climbing the door-frame!


I love that Christian is plugging his ears in the background, afraid that she might fall!  Christian can climb the door frame too and hang out at the top but the photo was too blurry to post.


These kids are such monkeys, I feel very blessed that they are so strong but it does worry me just a bit.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Lydia’s Princess Party

The first weekend of August we got to spend with my friend Sherrada’s family as we celebrated her little girl, Lydia’s 4th Birthday.  It is always so much fun to see what cute things Sherrada will come up with for her kids’ Birthday parties.  This year it was a princess theme, so each activity was from a Disney princess movie.  When the children first arrived at the party, they were each given a crown and various accessories to make them into a prince or princess.   The most clever activity (at least to me) was pin the lips on the frog.  From “The Frog Princess”.  It was so cute.  I love how even though you can’t see Vivian’s face, you can see how excited she was to play this one.IMG_4071IMG_4074 The other cute one, was the “Musical Magic Carpets”  Played like musical chairs of course, but with less danger of kids falling into chairs…Brilliant!  They also had, build a sand castle for Ariel (in the yard).  Here are a couple of photos of Princess Lydia opening her gifts. IMG_4090

Christian looked almost as excited as she was!IMG_4093

Princess Lydia having a discussion with the Queen.IMG_4094

Prince Christian letting his sister sit on his lap during presents.

IMG_4107But even with all those activities and presents, the best part of a party is….the cake!  At least to Vivian!IMG_4109

Nothing better than a pink cupcake with sprinkles!IMG_4117

Open wide!IMG_4112

Now that is something to grin about!