Monday, August 16, 2010

10-Year High School Reunion

Last year when we moved to AZ, I asked Jared what he thought about coming back for my High School reunion and because he was so positive in the affirmative,  I pretty much set my heart on going (just another excuse to come back to SLC).

My friend Charisse, and I decided that we’d both go so that we’d have moral support in case no one else that we knew decided to show up.

It was a quick and pretty much insane trip.  We drove up Thursday night after Jared got off work, stayed in Kanab overnight then drove the rest of the way Friday.  We were really only there from 4 pm Friday until 11 am Sunday—not too much time for 24 hrs of time in the car.  It actually was very fun talking to Jared for all that time about our plans/dreams for the future.

The reunion was pretty fun.  There was a “play-date” at the park for everyone who wanted to come and see/show off the offspring of the alumni.  It was fun.

Charisse and Heather

Here’s Charisse and her cute little baby boy Jared (he kept turning his head) and I. 

Erin, Heather and Sherrie

This is my friend Erin and her darling 10-day-old baby, Me, and my Friend Sherrie

 Heather and Kim 

Me and Kim

Heather and Sherrie

Me and Sherrie

Malissa and Heather

Malissa and I, (she just had a baby about three months ago but you can’t even tell)

The evening event was a dinner which was a buffet with lasagna and then cake for dessert.  They had a quiz about Taylorsville Trivia, and then people won prizes for things like having the most kids, having the most friends on Facebook, traveling the furthest (no it wasn’t me) and things like that.  There was also a raffle.  It was pretty fun.  They ended the evening with the Band of one of the alumni.  I would have liked to have heard them but it was so loud that you couldn’t really hear so we went outside, ended up talking to some friends for a while and then going. 

124Here’s Jason and Charisse (they won two prizes!)

  Heather and Michelle

Me and Michelle L

Heather, Michelle, Jessica

Here’s me with Michelle S, and Jessica

Eve, Lindsey, Heather   Here’s a picture of us friends who came from out of state, Eve (North Carolina) Lindsay (Wyoming) and Me (Arizona).

It was fun to see those who showed up, so I’m glad I went.

Poison Apple

A week ago, we had to have our tires checked and rotated at Sam’s Club.  It was going to take about half an hour so we decided to wander each aisle since there wasn’t much that we wanted to buy that day.

Christian got really mad at me at one point that I refused to buy him some of the candy and even some of the breakfast items in the freezer (such as the toaster strudels) my reason being that they had too much sugar.

We were walking through the vodka aisle and Christian started asking over and over “How do you make poison apples?”  I kept replying “I have no idea honey…” as I pushed Vivian in the stroller.  After a while of getting annoyed at me with the same response he said:

“Well, I think I know how you make poison apples.  You take an alcohol drink and dip the apple in that and then dip it in a TON of sugar.  Because that would be bad for your body!!!”

I could not stifle all of my laughter.  I’m not sure, but isn’t that some kind of cocktail?

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


My friend Kalei had an appointment the other day and dropped off her kids for a play date. Christian was really excited to have someone new to play with and kept asking them if they wanted to play "a real people game".

What he meant was make-believe. Christian is very much into make-believe. He prefers his dad to play make-believe with him because when I play, I generally try to find sneaky ways to make him clean up his room (like the day we played marine biologist and we put all of our specimens back in their original habitats...I know, I'm terrible :D).

Christian was trying to convince them to play "Princess Aurora" (I don't know why he doesn't call it Sleeping Beauty). But Jordyn (the little girl) wanted to play "Family". So Christian agreed. Jordyn then started giving everyone roles to play. She announced that she was the mom and that her brother was the boy and then she turned to Christian and said "Now you be the Honey!" Christian was agahst and said "I don't want to be honey! I want to be a prince or a daddy!"

I guess we know what the parents call each other in that family. LOL.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Vivian is 7 months


Where has the month gone?  I was really surprised the other day when I looked at my phone and realized that it was the 29th!  I haven’t even caught up on all of my blogging from our trip…oh well. I guess that will have to wait because Vivian is now 7 months and I need to update so that I can remember what’s happened with her this month.IMG_5256

This is a dress I used to wear as a baby and we used my baby quilt that my mother made for me as the background. She’s not too happy about being stuffed into this cabbage-patch dress…oh well, she looks cute.


We started out her first week this month in Utah and she became more and more competent at sitting.  She can now sit for quite a long time (if she wants to) though most of the time she gets back on her belly and rolls to where she wants to be.  She can’t get into a sitting position on her own yet, but she’s working on it by doing sideways crunches and swinging her legs up and down.  Though she’s quite a chunk she has a pretty flat belly from all of her exercises ;).


This is a picture of the the funny stance she takes on the floor when she’s not sitting…I think we need to find her a piano….

Vivian also thinks that she should be held in a standing position the majority of the time…which is driving me nuts as she can’t stand by herself and just wants to stand on my lap all the live-long day…I really need to get a bouncy seat or something for her to save my arms (and some time).  There have been many times when she refuses to be sat down and wants to stand and she has slid across the blanket as I’m holding her because she’s so determined to be upright.  Christian thinks it’s the funniest thing in the world when she gets all stiff like that.  She has a pretty good pincer grasp now and also can change hands which is really cute to watch (in my opinion).


Vivian is a very playful happy baby.  She will always greet the first person to get her after naps with a huge grin.  I’m really liking this stage because since she can sit, she will sit on the blanket and play with toys for quiet a while.  It’s very nice.  She can now give five and she also will play peek-a-boo on her on fruition.  It’s very fun to have a baby in the playful stage now.


Vivian is now eating baby food quite proficiently and is happy to now be starting finger foods.  Bitter biscuits are her favorite.  She also really likes cheese.  She’s my baby.


Vivian’s sleep patterns are getting better.  She still wants to stay up late but if we can get her down for all her naps (four) in a day she will go down and stay down at around 9 though there are still 11 o’clock nights that make me crazy here and there.  She’s still in the pattern of two hours of wakefulness, nap (from one to two hours), the two more hours of wakefulness…etc.  It worked for Christian and it seems to work for her.  I’m wondering when her naps will get further but so far she still on the two-hour cycle.


We’re all still in love with this little girl.  What a lucky mommy I am!  She’s been such a dream I’m afraid what kind of kid a number three could be like (to even out the score of easiness)…. that is not an announcement, by the way, it’s a projection of thought.  She does have a temper of course (a baby in church stole her pacifier the other week and she was livid!). IMG_5311

Here’s proof that this girl has a temper…

Christian is really happy that she can now sit on the floor and play with him.  She will play blocks with him and destroy his creations and he says “Oh, is that how it’s supposed to look?  Okay baby.” They also play dinosaurs together and he just trades her for the one she’s not playing with anymore.  They play cars as well, though mostly Vivian chews her car and he races cars around her and she laughs.  He has been playing make-believe with her as well.  It’s perfect for him since she just sits on the floor and things happen all around her and Christian speaks for her…it’s like she’s his giant doll that changes expressions.  I was not happy today when he decided that he was a prince and she was a princess and he kissed her squarely on the mouth….Gross!  Someday he will be very embarrassed about that….


This month has gone by so quickly with her.  It is going too fast. My baby is growing so fast!  Sometimes the days go a little slow but this year over-all has seemed to go way too quickly.