Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Preschool Farm Trip

My cute friend Jenny runs a preschool and every year they have a field trip to a farm and she was sweet enough to invite little Vivian even though she is a little younger than all the other preschoolers.


She was super excited for the hay ride though her tininess was scaring me a bit.IMG_2064

A mama cow had just given birth to this little baby four hours before.IMG_2067

Waiting patiently to feed the animals.IMG_2073IMG_2077

Haha, I love her expression in this one.IMG_2078IMG_2079

She looks pretty pleased to hold that chicken…it looks like it weighs the same amount that she does.IMG_2086IMG_2088

Her head is a little small for this doggie peek-through…and I am so amazed that she even dares be up on the big tracker. She may be little but she’s fierce.IMG_2093

All the kids were really excited to go into the chicken cage.IMG_2102


I found it so sweet that she insisted on petting every single animal.


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